OKH_FlyerIn line with the re-opening of OKH Voecklabruck, the collective ANTI FORM delivers an exhibition on the subject birth. Keeping in mind the old structure and walls of the former hospital, 4 artists:
Michael Schumer, Raffaela Malz, Karin Hackl und Maximlian Meergraf, created each a work of their own always connected to the main theme and the building that surrounds them.

Before death comes birth. The latter involving emotional and physical states of strain including joy and happiness, sometimes followed or accompanied by not so pleasant pain. To draw similarities between a mother and an artist makes sense in a way.

ART? meaning pussy meaning artist meaning mama?

Uniqueness gets to see the light of the day!

Those 4 artists started off with a common idea and then created such unique artworks using all different kind of materials, packing in their love and sweat to present you with works of bundled intimacy which are now on show and for everyone to enjoy.

The consequences of this collective birth means change and development paired with unreplacable experience for each one. AND not to forget the newly found level of energy and space which will lead us to more promising projects along the way.







Karin Hackl – medical ultrasonics – Photography

Maximilian Meergraf – Photography

Michael Schumer – Illustration

Raffaela Malz – Painting